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Russian Lovers - event photography

Fun, creative parties is one of our passions and Russian Lovers is another long term partner of ours. Russian Lovers is created to help bring the Russian speaking community of the Netherlands together. We run regular events at The Netherlands premier nightclubs with experienced and quality DJ’s who perform in Germany, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and around the world. Russian Lovers – it’s a party for people who likes Russian music in Disco Club, Progressive House, Tech House and R’n’B style. Bring your friends and enjoy the best Russian Party in The Netherlands, great music and the high level of energy on the dance floor. .

  • Bleeve.nl

    Bleeve.nl is an independent marketplace for solar energy, heating and cooling systems as well as thermal insulation solutions that brings together on one platform installers and customers. Bleeve.nl is the tool of choice for home owners who are seeking for opportunities to reduce spending on energy bills but might have difficulties understanding the technicalities of all the possible solutions available, furthermore customers are able to choose the matching installer and make the order directly from the platform. MaMaMedia is a long term partner with bleeve.nl producing their creative images for the web page, starting from the interior photographs and ending with the fun team shoots.