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Min. hire time: 2 hours
Price starts at: 50,-

B2B photography and video production services

MaMaMedia – a one-stop-shop. We offering the best photography and photography complementary services on the market for businesses and individuals located in The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany. Yea, we know – there are plenty of people who can shoot a photos or a video. What makes us special is that we are the leading professionals within the industry under one roof. You do not have to look separately for a stylist, photographer, videographer, production manager and so on. You can just contact MaMaMedia, then sit down and relax or even better get involved and we will make the magic happen together.
We also provide live photo uploads, photo booth, instant prints, online album, photo tethering on screen or beamer, video streaming, next day delivery and many more services tailored specifically for you.

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